Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Cupcakes

Not much to say about these. Cute, though, aren't they?
I made twelve egg cupcakes and the rest of the batch just got dollops of frosting. When I was doing the dollops, they looked amazingly like little piles of doggie doo. The little hearts and flowers helped reduce the excrement-ness...or made it look like the dog had had a very interesting meal. Your choice.
I've been attempting to improve my photography skills, and this week, I've discovered--gasp--wait for it--how to turn off the flash (work with me here people, I'm a musicologist, we're not so good with technology). It helped, don't you think?

I've also been trying to do that nifty thing where the front item is in focus and the ones behind are progressively fuzzier. This is the closest I got:
I want to eat that front one now, don't you? Now I just have to learn how to remove the cans of cat food from behind the picture before I snap it.


fuzzy old guy said...

That nifty thing is called depth of field. It's easier to learn on an old SLR camera then the new fangled point and shoot cameras. On an SLR you are required to set both the amount of time a shutter stays open and how wide to open it. The combination of the two gives you the proper exposure. Less wide will result in less of the "depth" of the focus. It's particularly useful in portraits when you want everything in focus and in closeups where you want everything but the object being photographed out of focus. There goes the engineer in me, always splainin'.

Joanna said...

Is the cupcake in front of the last photo the one that "spoke" to you?

I particularly enjoyed the cupcake with the grass, cows and sky scene.

Next up for you to try camera-wise: Macro!

Wilhelmina said...

It's actually on macro already. I can't really tell the difference between the pictures on macro and the pictures off macro. I'm not sure if that's the fault of the camera or the operator.

Mom said...